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Proofreading – This service is a final review of your work that checks for spelling, grammar, consistency, typos and usage. This service is ideal for a work that has already been edited and polished.


Copyediting – Our copyediting services provide a more in-depth look into your work than a basic proofreading.


This service covers everything included with the proofreading service and also includes checking for clarity, flow, word choice, sentence structure, redundancies. It also includes checks for point of view for fiction works and audience address for non-fiction works.


Content editing – This service is for those who desire and need a comprehensive and detailed word by word edit of your manuscript or project.


In addition to providing everything provided in my proofreading and copy editing services it also provides checking for style, formatting consistency, research and fact checking, organization, timelines, poor phrasing and word choice, poor logic and character development for fiction works. Most importantly, I provide a first and second edit of your work.


This service is highly recommended for longer works and helps put a high quality polish on your work.


Comprehensive Editing – This service is for manuscripts that need more extensive work such as major rewrites or a comprehensive overhaul. This service includes all the services in the other editing plans, plus rewriting where necessary and up to three edits or drafts of the work.


Ghostwriting – For individuals who need content or an original piece of writing for their blog, website or other publication I offer ghostwriting services. If you have a project and feel you cannot write that well or have writer’s block, I can help you.


Today original content is essential to SEO placement and helping your work to get listed high on various search engines. All rights to the content are turned over to you which you are free to edit, revise, add to or change in any way you see fit.


I provide you with a flat quote for the project so there are no hidden surprises or additional costs to you. I also provide you with a phone number so you are free to contact me with any questions you may have during the project.


Please feel free to contact me for a quote at (970) 302-3470.

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