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Jack Minor is a Christian, husband, father, former pastor for four years in Colorado, author and editor. He is an experienced editor who has edited over 35 books on a variety of topics including history, theology, fiction and non-fiction and has over 13 years of writing experience.


He is also a contributing writer with WND, one of the top independent news sites on the Internet as well as the Northern Colorado Gazette. Jack’s research and editing has also been acknowledged in several books.


Jack has been interviewed on multiple media outlets regarding his material and has had his writing and research cited in other books and even a court filing. He is well known and respected among political leaders in the conservative community.


Jack grew up in rural Colorado on a farm during the 70s and 80s. During his teenage years he was fast becoming a liberal and supporting liberal causes such as Greenpeace. Then, as an 18 year old he became moved by the speeches of Ronald Reagan. Following the unexpected and tragic death of his father, Reagan’s motivating word’s moved him to enlist in the Marine Corps.


In 1987, he was deployed to the Philippines where he trusted Christ as his Saviour while attending a native church just outside the base. He has been a dedicated Christian and a fierce defender of conservative values ever since. He has written large numbers of articles on the Christian faith as well as the political and cultural issues of the day.


Jack is also a former pastor and has spent time working with individuals in the inner city of Chicago as well as those in rural America in Weld County, Colorado. With his varied background he is able to offer unique insight and advice regarding your manuscript, regardless of your walk of life or background.

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