Books that Jack Minor has edited or done research for

Freedoms Ring: Life Liberty and the Pursuit of Salvation,” Dr. Douglas Stauffer The book is a 400 page detailed treatise on the doctrine of salvation and covers such topics as repentance, works v. grace, the law, biblical v. non-biblical evangelism and fundamental preaching v. compromise.Jack’s contribution included editing and proofreading several key chapters in the book.


Given by Inspiration,” ┬áDr. William Grady This 2010 book is a history of the King James Bible and was published for the 400 year anniversary of the Bible.Among its topics are the doctrine of inspiration, the inherent power of the English text and the current controversy over contemporary Bible translations.Jack conducted research and fact checking of various material presented in the book.

Understanding the Times: How Satan Turned America Against God,” Dr. William GradyThis 2005 book is 972 pages long with 41 pages of footnotes. It is an historical book with an eye on future events placing a special emphasis on America’s relationship with Israel.Among the topics are the truth about the Masonic connection to the Founding Fathers,  Pearl Harbor, KAL 007, the Oklahoma City bombing, and a detailed section on the events surrounding 9/11.For this book, Jack conducted research for the sections on KAL 007, Pearl Harbor, Oklahoma City and 9/11.

What hath God Wrought: A Biblical Interpretation of American History,” Dr. William GradyFirst published in 1996 this book has seen multiple printings and is used as at history textbook in Christian colleges. It is 668 pages long with 63 pages of footnotes.This book provides a unique perspective on Christianity and God’s influence in the founding of America and throughout her history.Among the topics are America in scripture, Baptist persecution in Virginia, fighting chaplains during the Revolution, causes of the Civil War, the Federal Reserve System,  causes of the Cold War and the environmental movement.Jack’s research for this book proved significant to several key chapters including the sections on the Lusitania, Federal Reserve, Elvis Presley, Billy Graham, World War II and the Promise Keepers.