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Conservative and Christian books frequently rank among the country’s top bestsellers. Whether you are an experienced writer or just starting out, it is highly recommended you have an editor for your manuscript. The problem is how do you find an editor who shares the same set of values as yourself. This is important because you want someone to edit or proofread your material who knows what you are trying to accomplish.

At JM Publications we are able to offer a variety of writing services to provide a particular fit for your needs. Our beginning prices are approximately 25%  to 70% less than the industry standard. However, we provide the same quality of service that meets and even surpasses those of other more expensive companies. There are several reasons for this.


 First, we consider our services to be a ministry to help further the cause of Christ and the conservative movement. We understand that we live in a time when it seems as if liberalism is making incredible inroads that are threatening the American and biblical values that many of us grew up with. In many ways this is not the America of our forefathers. We believe this tide is not irreversible and the people of America still have an inward hunger for the biblical values this country was founded on, they simply need someone to help educate them on the real answer to this spiritual void. We need people to get the message out and we are here to assist you in that endeavor.


We also believe there is a shortage of good, decent material that upholds the values and traditions that made this country great. At JM Publications we do not believe in apologizing for the founding fathers or the country that they gave us. We believe that while America has its flaws, just like any country, our Constitutions is still the greatest document outside of the Bible that has ever been printed. As such we know there are people out there with something important to say.


Secondly, because we believe in the importance of helping you get your message out we want to make it as affordable as possible while retaining high standards for quality and production. We have an extensive portfolio of happy and satisfied authors and we would love to add you to that number. While our prices are not the most expensive, our quality will match those who charge more.


Whether you have a completed manuscript that just needs proofreading, or if your work needs more extensive work we can meet all your needs. As part of our services we are more than happy to provide a free, no obligation sample edit and evaluation of your work.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you might have and ask us how we can help you. I can be reached at jack.minor@jmpublications.com or call me at (970) 302-3470.